About Us

Contractors-Insurance.ca is a Canadian website that connects contractors looking for insurance with insurance brokers and insurance companies.

We work with licensed insurance professionals across Ontario, Canada that specialize in providing insurance for contractors to ensure that our website visitors get the best possible service.

The brokers we assign you in most cases specialize with your specific niche. The reason weblank do is because we want to make sure that you get the cheapest possible price along with the best possible policy for your business.


Example – If a roofer requests a quote on our website, we then proceed to connect that roofer with an insurance broker who works with roofers regularly. By doing this, the roofer looking for insurance will deal with a broker who knows what he is doing and in return will receive top notch service!


How Contractors-Insurance.ca works:

  1. You submit a request on our website.
  2. We review your contractors insurance/bonding requirements.
  3. Our team connects you with a licensed insurance broker that specializes and has extensive experience working with your industry.
  4. The assigned broker contacts you to help you get started with attaining the bonding or insurance you need!

We are NOT licensed brokers. Our job is to connect you with a broker that is an active license holder with RIBO (Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario).

To visit RIBO’s website – Click here

To check the status of your assigned broker – Click here


Food for thought

Had you randomly gone out and spoke to a broker or agent out of the blue, chances are, you may get 5 different quotes, each one of them being $100’s of dollars apart from each other providing coverages that will make your head spin.

So to make life easier.. we connect you to a professional that has knowledge and experience working with your profession. Our goal is to introduce you to a professional who can provide you a policy that best fits your business.

Need more information? Give us a call! Email us! Use our quote system! Let us show you why we successfully work with brokers and insurance companies that insure Ontario Wide. To read more about contractors insurance in Ontario, click here.


Contractors-Insurance.ca is owned and operated by PointConversion.

PointConversion is a Canadian lead generation company that connects professionals & business owners to insurance agents and brokers that are adequately licensed and specialized for the business they write.