Electrical Contractor Liability Insurance Quotes for Electricians

As an electrical contractor, you need to have a electrical contractor insurance (electricians insurance) policy in place & you should also completely understand the potential consequences of being sued as a result of the service that you offer. With your Electrical contractor CGL Insurance Quotehelp, the client is able to bring electricity into their homes. Without your assistance, the client would be unable to power their computers, appliances or their HVAC unit! The job is tremendously important, but it can also be very dangerous. Electricians put their lives on the line each and every day with the jobs they do. Unfortunately, Being electrocuted is not only damage an electrical contractor can face.

If as a result of your service, your client faces damages or losses to their property or somebody in the house, they WILL sue you to recover from their losses. We live in a cruel world and people today do not hesitate to sue electrical contractors regardless of them having an electrical contractor liability insurance policy in place. Your job is risky enough, don’t increase that risk by not having proper contractors general liability insurance Brampton if you are working in a region like the GTA. Contact us today and find out how much insurance for electrical contractors actually is and what kind of coverages suit YOUR business. It is recommended to have a liability insurance coverage of at least $2 Million! Saying that, we have previously insured electricians for up to $20 Million. We treat each electrical contractor as a priority and make sure to provide the electrical contractor construction worker the BEST coverage for the CHEAPEST price in Ontario, Canada.

Electrical Contractor Insurance

So Why do Electricians need Electrical Contractors Insurance?

Electrical contractors insurance policy benefits MUST BE discussed before moving any further. You should take the time to learn about the importance of electricians general liability insurance. Anything could go wrong on the jobsite and you will want to protect your work. If an error occurs, the client may very well hold you and your company responsible for any damages. An Electrical contractor insurance Ontario coverage is the type of insurance that is capable of protecting you from these lawsuits. Even when performing a minor repair, you should make sure to cover yourself with this electrical construction insurance!

Of course, this isn’t the only type of coverage that you will want to consider getting. Below, you will discover other optional protections that you should consider purchasing, aside from the necessary electrical contractor general liability insurance.

Commercial Auto Insurance – There is no doubt that your employers are going to travel by vehicle. With this in mind, commercial auto insurance for electrical contractors is truly a necessity. This coverage will help to pay for claims, which occur, after an employee’s vehicular accident. Coverage can also be extended for NON-OWNED vehicles driven for the purpose of work. This clause must be listed on the insurance for electricians policy for you to be covered.

E&O Insurance – You will also want to consider investing in Errors and Omissions Insurance. This coverage is capable of protecting your company against further loss. If the customer feels wronged by errors, omissions or negligent acts on your company’s behalf, they may attempt to sue your company. E&O insurance can help in these types of situations and is highly recommended. Although electricians require CGL (Commercial General Liability Insurance) to be able to practice, it does not hurt to invest in an E&O insurance policy. This may help you land more contractors as your clients may feel more secure working with you.

Equipment Coverage – If you’re going to utilize a lot of expensive equipment on the job site, you will benefit tremendously from electrical contractor’s equipment coverage insurance. This insurance is capable of protecting your company’s tools and machinery from damages, theft, breakdown, or other loss which occur on the job site. If you use heavy compressors or generators frequently, Contractors Equipment insurance Coverage is a wise investment as you may be able to claim your tools and equipment losses through your electrical contractor insurance policy if you have coverage for it.

Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Last, but certainly not least, you will want to take the opportunity to investigate employee dishonesty coverage. Despite going above and beyond to screen your employees, a bad seed may still slip through the cracks. Employee Dishonesty Coverage can help you recover losses, which are usually caused by employee theft. Although not a necessity, this type of coverage can provide you with added reassurance if you work in a litigious capital city like Ottawa, Ontario. To know more about how your construction business can benefit in Ottawa, you can read more about Contractors Insurance by clicking here.

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As an electrical contractor, obtaining electrical contractor CGL insurance also known as electrical contractor insurance right now is a responsible decision, which will protect your company and it’s future immensely. Of course, you should never neglect the other coverage options mentioned above as well. When you’re ready to secure your future and protect your investment, you will want to make contact with our company. We’ll be able to help you acquire a sufficient amount of electrical (Electrician) contractor insurance coverage, at the most affordable cost!

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